Benefits of Seeing an Intern

In our efforts to support professional development of future clinicians, we are currently offering services provided by Interns who are under direct clinical supervision by our licensed therapists. This experience facilitates practical application of critical knowledge gained from their respective accredited institutions of higher learning. We do a thorough screening and interview process with all of our potential student interns, which means the ones who make it through are the ones we feel are best equipped to support you. We often look for students with a focus in areas where there is a need for lower cost services (for example around trauma, disordered eating or personality disorders) and don’t allow them to work with clients until we feel confident in their skills and abilities. Additionally as all of our interns are graduate students it means they already have at least one other degree, and often have some previous experience working in the field.

Here are a few more benefits...

They have support and supervision from a senior clinician 

All of our students work under the direct supervision of at least one clinician, which means they (and by extension you!) have consistent access to all the knowledge, resources and strategies their supervisor has learned over their years of practice. 

They are available at a reduced fee 

A fully licensed clinician at our office can cost between $120 to $180 an hour depending on the service and that isn’t always an accessible price for clients. Our student interns are able to see clients for as little as $50 an hour, and sometimes even offer spots pro bono. 

You’ll be able to access continuous care

Since our office takes on new students throughout the year that means that even when your current student clinicians graduates (generally after 4 months to 8 months) they will be able to help transition you to a new student clinician in the clinic. You will be welcome to stay in the clinic seeing our student clinicians for as long as you feel it necessary. 

You’ll be playing a part in helping them grow 

As the client of a student intern you get to play a part in helping to develop their clinical skills and style. Students only learn in practicum through experience, and they are all extremely grateful and respectful of those who are willing to work with them as learners.