Our Vision



We change our clothes, a paint color, our minds about what we want for lunch and other thoughts several times a day. Change can be in an instant.

Growth takes time.

Growth is a commitment to a process of transformation. A commitment toward seeking understanding of our thoughts, feelings and acceptance of our choices even in those circumstances beyond our control. Growth is about overcoming, getting through, learning from and making a conscious decision to continue to move forward. Growth is about not just changing with the tide but learning how to ride it, survive it, thrive and come out of the other side better and stronger for the next wave that will undoubtedly come your way.

With this process often comes growing pains. It can be hard to keep moving and sometimes even harder to stand still. Sometimes matters are complicated more by the task of reconciling which to choose between the two actions.


Therapy is a process that can guide you while allowing you to find and maintain the control of your next steps, even in those circumstances where you believe control may be out of your reach.